Expert Piano Tutor
and Admissions consultant

Charlotte Shim is a graduate of the Juilliard School in New York where she studied Piano Performance. Since 2009, Charlotte has been teaching music and piano in Auckland Central – coaching, tutoring and consulting students to take their piano abilities to new heights and to help them get into the music school of their dreams.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Shim is a highly qualified pianist who has had a passion for music her entire life. After being accepted into Juilliard Pre-College at the age of 14, in 1993 Charlotte performed at Weill Carnegie Hall in New York City. During her time at Juilliard, Charlotte studied with Herbert Stessin, Oxana Yablonskaya, Seymour Lipkin, Jerome Lowenthal and Martin Canin and gave recitals at Paul Hall and Morse Hall. Charlotte also received the New Jersey Young Artist Governor’s Award and performed with New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at the State Theatre in Trenton and received the Conductor’s Award.  

Since 2009, Charlotte has been teaching piano and music in Auckland. Having worked with a broad range of students from a variety of backgrounds, Charlotte is not only an star in her field, but she also knows exactly how to pass her abilities on to the next generation. Furthermore, having been through the admissions process herself, Charlotte can provide full admissions coaching and consulting for the best Piano Programmes in the world. Charlotte can provide her services in both English and Korean.

Piano Tutoring

With over 25 years of experience playing piano, and over 10 years of teaching it, Charlotte knows exactly how to take your piano playing and music abilities to new heights.

Admissions Consulting

Having been through the stringent Juilliard Admissions process herself, Charlotte can guide you from start to finish to help you get into the music programme of your dreams.

Exam Preparation

Charlotte can help you prepare, practice, and excel in piano exams at any level, whether you’re taking the exam for the first time, or returning to improve your score

My 14 year daughter took private lessons with Charlotte for nearly five years. Charlotte knows how to motivate students, she is patient but firm at the same time. She is thorough, instructive, and tailors her lessons to fit her students needs - which I personally found amazing!Cindy Seaman, Associate Director, PwC